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2016011  Technical Sales Representative  Ohio Valley, OH 
2016010  Technical Sales Representative  Baton Rouge, LA 
2016009  Technical Sales Representative  Houston, TX 
2016008  Sales Manager  Houston, TX 
2016007-1  Sales Representative  Long Beach, CA 
2016006  VP Hydro Excavation Services  Houston, TX 
2016005  Sales Manager  Baton Rouge, LA 
2016003  Sr. Project Manager  Houston, TX 
2015144-2  VP of Field Operations - hardware, software  Houston, TX 
2016001  Business Development Manager  Baton Rouge, LA 
2015156  Inside Technical Sales  Houston, TX 
2015152  Territory Account Sales Manager  Milwaukee, WI 
2015151  Operations Manager  Baton Rouge, LA 
2015150  Operations Manager  Chicago, IL 
2015148  Business Development Manager  Houston, TX 
2015047-1  VP of Service Delivery - software, hardware, electrical engineering, QA  Houston, TX 
2015146  Regional Safety Manager  CA 
2015142  Controller  LaPorte, TX 
2015141  Project Manager  West Coast, CA 
2015140  Project Manager  Houston, TX 

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